EP or Europlast

Ref: EP

The Europlast or EP mesh is a PVC coated electro-welded mesh featured by its ondulated horizontal wires that make it attractive and robust. Mainly used in ganden fences and other residential areas.

  • Ondulated horizontal wires
  • Double horizontal wire
  • Galvanized and PVC coated
  • 25m long rolls.
  • Different references acording to the opening of the mesh, wire diamter or high of the roll.
Product description:

The Europlast or EP mesh is a PVC coated electro-welded mesh so the durability against corrosion and oxidation is immense. This is not only important aesthetically, because the mesh remains as the first day for longer, but also maintenance and cost because it does not need to be replaced every so often, it is much more profitable economically.

The model we sell, has two upper horizontal wire, so that the mesh gains in rigidity and ease of installation and assembly.

Its various references reflect both the light of the grid mesh, and the diameter of the wire shape or the height of the roll.

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