Wooden fence Vs. Metallic fence

11 de diciembre de 2017

Throughout our long history dedicated to the sale of metallic mesh in Seville and Spain we have been able to see how many customers, that have tried other closure methods for their gardens, ended up choosing this option. In this post we tell you why it is preferable to use one of the multiple models of metallic meshes that you have available in our establishment against other options such as wooden fences.

Imagine a garden surrounded by its wooden fence, painted in gleaming white. The image can not be more ideal but the reality is different. First of all, unless you have a very large farm and no neighbors, a wooden fence, the first thing you will do is lose green space.

On the other hand, the wooden fences can be very decorative and beautiful when they are placed and they are freshly painted but the action of the external climatological agents will ruin them and they will end up being a much more dull enclosure.

However, placing a wire mesh in our garden or in our terrain is the best solution to delimit the area without losing barely space. Besides these meshes, will grant some privacy without losing the feeling of freedom. And lastly, if you still have some doubt why the metallic meshes are more advantageous, let's talk about the maintenance and conservation of them. These meshes resist the passage of time and the incidence of all kinds of climatological agents, hence they are much more suitable for outdoor spaces.

And if you are not yet convinced, we can only invite you to visit us. In Suministros Industriales Belloso we have a wide variety of metallic enclosures for gardens and outdoor spaces that will convince you by yourself.

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