How to choose the right lock

01 de diciembre de 2016

In Suministros Industriales Belloso (SIB), we know that having such diverse catalog of solutions within the locksmith, there are times when our customers do not know which lock or bolt is best suited to your needs. Therefore, in this entry we will try to solve all those doubts and guide you in the most appropriate choice.

There are a variety of security locks, with different specifications depending on the needs of each space to be protected as through the doors is where thieves access is in most cases. Therefore, the first recommendation is to be a safe and with all the guarantees lock.

In Suministros Industriales Belloso we recommend to choose the right lock, determine the security level and type of door.

Today you can choose from the following types of locks:

  1. Tubular ones have a button to lock the door from inside. They are typically used in bedrooms and bathrooms.
  2. The embedded or recessed will click into the right side of the door and are mainly used for exterior metal doors, and metal ones. They have latch or handle to operate them but are only secured by key.
  3. Overprints, despite being suitable for the garden, such as deep drawn, have no handle.
  4. For armored or double doors are recomended safety locks. They can be overlaid or embedded, depending on the kind of door.
  5. The cylindrical are widely used in exterior doors for houses; They use a cylinder that is where the key is introduced for opennig and closing.

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